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Air Pre-Filters

Air pre-filters are generally used in the first stages of filtration to increase the life of panel, bag, Hepa and Ulpa filters. Pre-filters are mainly used in air-conditioning and ventilation systems, hospitals, steel mills and other industries such as gas and petrochemicals refineries.

Pre-Filter Categories

·         Mesh Pre-filters

·         Pleated Air Filters

·         Metal Panel Pre-filters

·         Other Non-woven Pre-filters


Industrial Air Filtration

We are dedicated to provide you with the proper industrial air filtration matching your application process. You can choose from our complete line of air filters depending on your efficiency needs. Our air filters are available in a wide range of sizes suitable for most industrial installations.

Pre-Filter Categories

·         Duracell Air Filters

·         Compact Filters (V-cell air filters)

·         HP100 and HP200 Air Filters

·         Gas Turbine Air Filters

·         Activated Carbon Filters

·         Bag Filters

·         High Efficiency Air Filters (HEPA/ULPA)


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