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Separation Filters

Setareh Filter offers a complete line of filter separators designed to remove any liquid droplets or dirt particles from the gas streams. Separators are composed of different layers of glass fibers of specific ratings. Separators are mainly used in refineries, power plants, natural gas chemical & petrochemical plants.

Product Features

·        High efficiency and low maintenance

·        Low pressure drop

·        High filter cartridge burst strength

·        Custom sizes and configurations suitable for all gas process conditions

·        All pressure and temperature ranges available

  Product Applications

·        Transmission and compressor Stations including City Gas Station (C.G.S.) filtration

·        Gas gathering systems

·        Liquid droplet and dirt particle removal from all gases (H2, N2, CO2, NH3, O2, CH4, C2H6 ...)

·        Condensate removal from gas cooler outlet

·        Liquid hydrocarbon removal from fuel gas lines

·        Oil removal from gas turbine breather systems

·        Gas turbine protection on fuel gas system


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